The Foundation For Educational Choice” has a very helpful publication, The ABCs of School Choice.  It provides all the basic information you need to grasp the state of school choice in the U.S., as well as specific details to update you on every school choice program across the country.  It is available to read in full Here and we will post a permanent link in the Fact-finding section as well.

“No single, one-size-fits-all approach to education can meet the unique needs of the country’s diverse students, families, and communities. People deserve options and the right to choose what’s best for them and their children. Because families’ options are increasing, more kids are receiving the motivating, challenging, effective education they deserve. We have come a long way—but there is still much to be done. The opponents of choice will only increase their efforts to maintain the status quo. That’s why we are committed to continuing to provide you with up-to-date, accurate information about successful school choice programs throughout the country.  We at the Foundation for Educational Choice hope you find this guide to be an essential aid as you continue working to give parents the choices they desire—and the education their children deserve.”
Robert C. Enlow
President & CEO
The Foundation For Educational Choice


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