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The schools in the U.S. have been failing our children for over four decades despite doubled and tripled spending, reduced class sizes and countless other fad “fixes.”   Our students consistently test below many of their global counterparts, not because our kids are too stupid, we don’t spend enough or because we don’t have dedicated teachers, but because the system – a government run, monopoly, one size fits all system – is fundamentally flawed and incapable of meeting the unique needs of such a diverse society as ours.

The evidence shows that empowering parents to choose the school that best meets the needs of their children creates a competitive and innovative education system.  By sharing this evidence in an easy to read, to the point form in our blog and Fact-finding sections and providing links to other sources of information in our Resource section we hope to encourage and empower all Tennesseans to join the fight to free families from our failing education system

By providing evidence, sharing the truth and calling out misplaced priorities we do our best to hold all Tennesseans accountable for:

    • perpetuating misleading information and outright lies about the success of school choice programs and other education reforms
    • for putting the wants of adults ahead of the needs of children
    • for protecting our broken education system at the expense of the educational needs of Tennessee’s children.

Tennessee School Choice is not an organization nor are we associated with any organization.  We began this venture during the 2011 legislative session out of frustration at the misinformation and outright lies being disseminated concerning education reform and school choice.   We are just ordinary Tennesseans who are using the skills and resources at our disposal fighting to create a diverse education system that will enable Tennessee’s children to attain a better education and empower them to reach their full potentials and to realize their dreams.

Tennessee School Choice

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