Do we celebrate President Abraham Lincoln because he fought to free 5,000 slaves – not wanting to have too negative economic impact on the Southern states?

Do we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. because he fought to win full civil rights and enfranchisement to 5,000 blacks – not wanting to risk losing too many racist voters?

To create law that states 5,000 children may be free to reach their full potential by choosing a school that will help them reach that potential is an act of cruelty to the child and families of child 5001, 5002, 5003…  It creates a false hope.  It dangles the hope of a future for their children like a carrot on a stick only to be yanked away.

History rewards leaders who courageously face seemingly unsurmountable odds for good and right, many times sacrificing all including their life.  When does history mention the politician who played the odds and measured the electoral winds to make their decisions?

Change will ONLY arrive if and when parents are willing to make their voices heard.  Be assured special interests who prefer status quo to actually educating your children make their voices heard and put their money where their demands are.  Send an email (five minutes of your time) or call (possibly 20 minutes of your time), Haslam, your Tennessee Senator and House Representative and demand ALL children in Tennessee be free to choose a school that fits their needs.

We celebrate the compassion, courage, and nobility of Cruz and Lee to put aside party and fight together for the greater good and future of children!  Will Tennessee politicians rise to the occasion?

School choice is a civil right issue not based in race; rather it is based on income and zip codes.  All children deserve an education that will meet their needs and help them achieve their potential!  An inferior or inadequate education is an equal opportunity destroyer.

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