In “Harwell prefers limits on unions” at the House Speaker Beth Harwell said Tuesday she favors restricting teachers’ ability to negotiate contracts rather than a complete ban on collective bargaining pushed by Senate Republican leaders. The Nashville Republican said she fully supports stopping Tennessee Education Association affiliates from using collective bargaining to block initiatives such as merit pay or better compensation for educators who teach hard-to-fill subjects like science and math.  In a subsequent interview, Harwell said she is “open” to the idea of letting the Tennessee Education Association’s affiliates continue to negotiate on many wage and benefit issues. But she repeatedly emphasized that “if the [Education] subcommittee I put together is not open to that, I’m fine.”

We again implore everyone to contact their House member and ask them to support SB 0113 & HB 0130 and thank them for valuing Tennessee’s children more than teacher union money.

Click Tennessee House of Representatives for an alphabetical listing of Representatives with their contact information.

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