The Education Choice and Competition Index (ECCI) is an interactive web application that scores large school districts based on thirteen categories of policy and practice.  The thirteen categories are:

  1. Availability of Alternative Schools
  2. Policies on Virtual Education
  3. Funding Follows Students
  4. Restructuring or Closing Unpopular Schools
  5. Assignment Mechanism
  6. Application
  7. Competition
  8. Comparable Standards and Assessments
  9. Gain Scores
  10. Accessible Online Information
  11. Additional Performance Data
  12. Transportation
  13. School Quality


The 2011 version of the ECCI includes overall and category scores for the 25 largest school districts in the U.S.  They assign letter grades to districts based on their overall scores to provide an easily graspable sense of the degree to which districts meet the ideals on which the scoring framework is based.  Subsequent versions of the ECCI will expand to include at least the largest 100 school districts.

“A fundamental rationale for school choice is its effects in creating a vibrant marketplace for better schools.  There is evidence that it presently does so, but its effects are muted by administrative and legislative requirements that reduce choice and buffer schools from the effects of competition.  With a quarter of America’s youth not graduating with a regular high school degree, with those students who remain in school performing at mediocre academic levels compared with students in many of the nations with which we compete, and with the costs of our public education system among the highest in the world, we believe that reform requires something other than more of the same.  The wide availability of school choice based on valid information on school performance and with consequences for schools based on their popularity is, we believe, a foundation for progress.”

For a complete and very informative explanation of the ECCI including detailed explanation of the categories click Here.  The actual ECCI interactive web application is Here.  We will put a permanent link in our Fact-Finding section.

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