Via the Tennessean, Teachers union bill faces House vote today (available to read in full Here):

A bill that would overturn the 1978 law that gave teachers the right to unionize is back on the agenda, but Republican Senate and House leaders will have to work out their differences on the controversial measure before it becomes law.

The state House of Representatives is scheduled to consider a bill this morning that would curb the teachers union’s ability to negotiate contracts with local school boards. Supporters and opponents of the bill say the measure has a good chance of passing, but substantial differences remain between it and the version in the Senate, which has taken a harder line against the teachers union.

Both sides expect the bill will head to a conference committee chosen by the leaders of the House and the Senate to work out the differences between the two versions.

The committee could meet as soon as today, and a final vote on the bill could come shortly after it releases a compromise.

The key question will be whether senators agree to let negotiations stand in a limited form or whether House members concede to their elimination entirely.

Please take a moment to contact your House representative NOW-TODAY and ask them to END forced collective bargaining.  Contact information for the entire House is available Here.  We remind you (and you may remind your representative) ending collective bargaining is imperative because:

  1. Collective bargaining creates an adversarial environment between teachers and school instead of working together for the benefit of students and improving performance.
  2. Ending collective bargaining would allow teachers to be paid based on their performance and skills, treating them as professionals, allowing districts to better value and compensate top quality teachers.
  3. It is through collective bargaining the teachers unions prevent any meaningful education reform.
  4. Union influence and power has resulted in exponentially increasing the cost of education for taxpayers yet providing virtually no improvements to the quality of education.
  5. Ending collective bargaining will serve to break the anti-trust power brokering between politicians and the teachers union and return control to the tax payers, individual teachers and their employers and parents and away from teachers unions and the politicians beholding to them.


Three Republicans voted with Democrats against ending collective bargaining and Rep. Jim Coley abstained.  We definitely need the constituents of these Republicans to contact their representatives and ask them to fight for Tennessee’s children by voting to end collective bargaining, the first step to education reform:

  1. Rep. Scotty Campbell, District 3, 741-2050, [email protected]
  2. Rep. Mike Harrison, District 9, 741-7480, [email protected]
  3. Rep. Dennis Roach, District 35, 741-2534, [email protected]
  4. Rep. Jim Coley, District 97, 741-8201, [email protected]

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