Williamson County ranked the 17th wealthiest county in America in 2010 by Forbes.com, yet in 2008their public school district ranked only 59% in math and 74% in reading compared to their global counterparts (Williamson County vs. the nation = math 69%, reading 75%).  Governor Haslam and Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris expect our children to compete against their global counterparts for the increasingly technical jobs – increasingly the only jobs that pay well enough to support a family, yet Norris finds it just too trying to free our children from their failed education system because of political “gamesmanship.”  Silly me!  I thought that was what we hired politicians to do on our behalf – deal with politics.  We will lose approximately 10,000 more children this year who will drop out of high school as educational freedom gets flushed by the political cowards who care more about their reelection prospects than our children and the future of this state and country.

Why do they get away with it?  Because we elect them.  Because we allow them to get away with it with our silence.  Parents we must get active, get vocal, and demand our children get the education they need and deserve to save themselves, this state, this economy, and this country.

Read about the betrayal Here.

End our silence NOW.  Call the list below and firmly, but respectfully demand educational freedom for ALL of Tennessee’s children.  Then ask every friend and family member you have to do the same. Heck, ask your neighbors, people on the street, any and every one to call!  Please…this education failure has to end!

Governor Haslam’s office (615) 741-2001

Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris (615) 741-1967, 741-1967

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, (615) 741-4524

House Speaker Beth Harwell, (615) 741-0709

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