We want to comment on an article in the Commercial Appeal “Ex-D.C. schools chief Michelle Rhee joins anti-union offensive in Tennessee.”  It explains:

Michelle Rhee, the controversial [Commercial Appeal’s choice of words not ours] former superintendent of Washington public schools, is out to raise $1billion to counteract the voice of teacher unions.

She spoke Thursday at the Economic Club of Memphis as CEO of Students First, the nonprofit organization she founded after stepping down as D.C. school chief last fall.

“I don’t think we can expect teachers’ unions to change. Their purpose is [to] protect their members and they are doing wonderfully,” she said before her speech at the University of Memphis Holiday Inn. “But you are firing some of the highest-performing teachers.  And if you fire the lowest-paid teachers, you have to lose more teachers just to close the budget gap.”

Then we get the propaganda quote from Keith Williams:

“Michelle Rhee is not held in high esteem” by teachers’ unions, said Keith Williams, president of Memphis Education Association.

“Ms. Rhee’s simplistic approach to solving the very complex issues in our nation’s public schools will never work. She simply blames teachers and teacher unions for the problems in America’s schools,” he said.

Let’s be clear, the Memphis Education Association is just another manifestation of the TEA and NEA and Keith Williams is defending the unions with falsehoods.

Despite spending more money than the state average Memphis students are far behind the state average, which by the way, is below the national average, which is below the global average.  Teachers are not the problem, but the teachers union is absolutely positively the problem! As the case has thoroughly been made at TNSC, it is through political patronage, not collective bargaining that the teachers unions protect their members by preventing competition.  Memphis parents could get their children an excellent private education if they were given the $10,000 via a voucher which is currently being flushed down the corrupt, bankrupt Memphis school system.

Click Here to view the failures of the Memphis school system by viewing the Tennessee Department of Education Report Card.

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