The Center for Education Reform has a new resource page for parents called Parent Power.  Parent Power provides tools for parents to become empowered and make the best decisions possible for their child’s future. For instance, Education 101 provides a quick rundown on the buzzwords and breakthroughs in schooling and education reform, and what they really mean for you and your child.

Whether you have questions about charter schools, school choice, curriculum, evaluating your child’s school, digital learning, or even how to stay involved and informed with your child’s homework, the site will help you get the answers you need.

Parents have more power over their child’s education than ever before. You just may not realize it. Parent Power will help you navigate the system and take control over your child’s learning.

We will also provide a permanent link on our Resources page.

As a side note we are currently reading the new book by Peg Tyre, The Good School: How smart parents get their kids the education they deserve.  We will share our review as soon as possible.

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