We would like to comment on a GUEST COLUMN at dnj.com “A different view of group’s push for TN teacher evals” by Jim Gifford an English teacher at Oakland High School in Murfreesboro available to read in full Here.

Why did dnj.com see fit to publish this editorial?  Instead of countering or debating what was actually written by Ms. Huber, Mr. Gifford writes about what “he” read between the lines and then proceeds to attack her.  Nothing Huber wrote or “the headline of her piece, implies the new evaluation system should be implemented immediately without modifications.”  And even if it did, the hurry is we have been failing upwards of 30% of our students in some districts for 4+ decades.  How much longer and how many more children would Gifford like to sacrifice until we come up with the “perfect” evaluation system that pleases him and all of Tennessee’s teachers?  Fact of life: we will never please everyone.  No “system” is perfect, but until it’s put in place we can not evaluate it for strengths &/or weaknesses.  The system Tennessee has chosen is an excellent starting point and Commissioner Huffman is genuinely committed to making it work and fair.

I became alarmed about both her qualifications and her employer’s motivations” S.O.P. for weak minded individuals when they can’t argue or debate using facts, logic or reason, just attack the person or assign them “evil” intentions/motivations.  Then for good measure throw in an evil conspiracy: “The public should be extremely skeptical about suggestions from a group with such motivation.”

Seriously, what was dnj.com thinking?

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