The education of and future of Tennessee’s children are about to be tossed aside once again as Tennessee politicians capitulate to the demands of the teacher’s union.  With no interest or leadership from the governor, tepid interest and/or poor leadership by the TN House Speaker, Beth Harwell, HB 130, the effort to abolish teachers’ unions ability to negotiate terms and conditions of professional service (collective bargaining) with local boards of education, is dying in committee.

Numerous states across the country, with the help of superb leadership and an engaged citizenry, are reforming the broken system of educating children in the US.  We in the US have spent 4+ decades following the advice of the unions on how to improve education, mostly in the form of more money, more teachers (resulting in more dues & power for union leadership); these efforts, however, have proven to be complete, abject failures.

TNSC would love to steal the title of education reform leader and innovator away from Florida and become the state of choice for families seeking the best education for their children, but that requires effort and commitment on the part of Tennessee’s citizens.  If we want our representatives in government to stand up for education reform we must let them know and we must contact them now before it is too late.  Please take a moment to call (or e-mail, but a phone call is best) Tennessee’s leadership, as well as, your Tennessee House Representative to let them know you not only support, but demand reform to the dismal education system in Tennessee beginning with their support for HB130.

Contact information for the Governor is available Here.

Contact information for the House Speaker, Beth Harwell and your TN House Representative are available Here.

TNSC would like to thank Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey for his courageous and superb leadership of education reform in the TN Senate and encourage readers to do the same.

Once politicians have proven themselves fighters with courage and conviction for education reform, committed to Tennessee’s children we must thank them.  The unions will heavily fund the opponents of any representative who stood up against them. We must show our support, not just in words or notes of thanks, but in cold hard cash to help the supporters of education reform win reelection.  Donations need not be large, only what you can afford.  It is no longer enough to just “vote.”  With special interest funding and organized labor wielding major influence Tennesseans must stay informed, in touch with legislators and put our money where our vote is.

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