Tonight the Metro Nashville Board of Education plans to consider a resolution to oppose “Equal Opportunity Scholarships” legislation that creates vouchers for children who are eligible for free and reduced-price lunch to attend the school of their choice.  The Coalition of Large Schools Systems, a lobbying arm that works on behalf of the school districts in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville, is working to prevent these vouchers. Regular meetings of the Board of Public Education are held at the Administration Building of Metropolitan Public Schools, 2601 Bransford Avenue, at 5 p.m.  Contact information for Metro Nashville Board of Education members are available Here.

Parents PLEASE contact board members and demand the Metro Nashville Board of Education work to serve students NOT protect the system.  These vouchers will serve students whose parents have decided the Metro education system is not.  Even if this voucher will not benefit you, please take a moment to call or email board members.  We must begin demanding school board members stop sacrificing the needs of children to protect the system.  They were elected to protect and serve the educational needs of the children – NOT the system.  They may need to read their own Mission and Vision statements available Here.

To learn more about vouchers visit our Fact-Finding and Resources pages.

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