The “Dropout Nation” has a great commentary by RiShawn Biddle The Condemnation of Black Children to Dropout Factories Must End. We have posted a few excerpts from the commentary below, but please click Here to read it in full.

It is impossible to defend American public education when half of all black males will drop out into poverty and prison. Nor can the practices within public schools be supported when they result in a third of all fourth-graders– including half of black children in that grade — being functionally illiterate. And if education is the most-important civil rights issue of this time, then it impossible to support the sustaining of academic failure.

Now more than ever, we must give parents the power to make high-quality education decisions for their children and even allow them to use parent trigger laws to overhaul the schools in their own communities. We must expand options for kids to escape dropout factories and failure mills,  whether it is in the form of charter schools, school vouchers, public school choice and other new options. In essence, as Malcolm X would say, we need to help our kids get the high quality education they need to succeed in life by any means necessary.

Achievement gaps cannot be solved by simply putting black kids and white kids together, or even putting middle class students together with their poor classmates. The solution lies with systemic reforms of instruction, curricula, and school leadership, along with fostering opportunities for students to escape poor-performing schools. Integration has proven that it doesn’t work.


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