The dirty little secret no one ever tells us is that growing up is a life-long process.  Growing up doesn’t end when we’re 18 or 21.  It doesn’t end when we graduate college, get married, have children or even grandchildren.  Growing in knowledge and wisdom continues throughout our lives, until the day we die.  Seeking the “truth” should be something we are constantly seeking in all things, in all issues, in all areas of our lives.

Problems arise for many of us when we have decided we are “grown-up” and have learned or been taught everything we need to know.  Perhaps we went to college and the “experts” shared all the knowledge and truth we need to know.  Perhaps our experiences in the military helped us to finish “growing up” and shared enough wisdom for a lifetime.  Perhaps “the streets of hard knocks” imposed all the wisdom we need to know to get us through our days and nights.

However, if we stop questioning, we stop learning.  If we stop learning, we stop growing.  If we don’t challenge ourselves to know the “truth” we run the risk of believing, furthering and living lies.

Your children attend a great school.  How do you know?  Did the “expert” realtor tell you?  Your child makes “As” so they must be doing great.  How would your child test against others their age and level from other schools, districts, or even other countries?  Will they get into their college of choice?  Will they need remedial courses?  Are they safe?  Are they being taught values that match those of your family’s?  Says who?  The experts?

School choice would damage the public education system.  Says who?  The experts?

School choice would “cream*” or segregate.  Says who?  The experts?

School choice would damage opportunities/benefits/pay/security for teachers.  Says who?  The experts?

Parents don’t have the specialized knowledge required to make the best educational choices for their children.  Says who?  The experts?

How do you know the “experts” are correct?  How much research have you done on your own?  There is a plethora of books, Gold Standard studies, articles, etc. on the myriad of school choice options and concerns.

Don’t stop growing up.  Don’t be happy in ignorance.  Don’t live a lie.  Don’t perpetuate lies.  Be sure you are still growing in truth and wisdom.  Do your own research and find the truth.

* “Cream” is an argument against school choice used by some to claim only the best students would be accepted or “creamed” from the public school leaving the poor performing or troubled students behind if parents were given the responsibility to choose the best school for their child.

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