• School Choice Scores Another Big Win in Arizona
    Arizona just created education savings accounts (ESAs) for special-needs students, providing families with more options when it comes to educating their children. Because the amount of funding provided to the families is 10 percent less than the amount that would typically be spent on a public school education, the state and its taxpayers save money.
  • Merit Pay for Teachers Works and the Evidence Now Proves It
    Students in countries with performance-pegged pay for teachers significantly outscored the students in systems that didn’t allow for merit pay.In fact, those students in countries with merit-pay compensation schemes do about 15% of a standard deviation higher in science, and a hefty 25% higher in reading and math than those students in countries without merit pay schemes.
  • Got an hour? Boost your grades. Stanford psychologists design 60-minute exercise that raises GPAs of minority students
    But when black freshmen participated in an hour-long exercise designed by Stanford psychologists to show that everyone – no matter what their race or ethnicity – has a tough time adjusting to college right away, their grades went up and the minority achievement gap shrank by 52 percent. And years later, those students said they were happier and healthier than some of their black peers who didn’t take part in the exercise.

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