• Teachers Unions Working Feverishly to Organize Charter Schools
    It is a shame teachers unions, principally the American Federation of Teachers, are unionizing charter schools simply as a power play – not because those teachers are seeking to organize or because unionizing creates a better education. It’s further proof that teachers unions look out for the adults instead of the children.
  • Being well informed first step to school improvements
    Jackson-Madison County and other West Tennessee residents concerned about the future of our public schools — and that should be everyone — have another opportunity to learn more, ask questions and offer their thoughts on Thursday. State Sen. Lowe Finney, D-Jackson, is hosting a gathering of education, government and business leaders to talk about the future of public education in Tennessee. We urge everyone to attend.The forum will be held at Madison Academic Magnet High School in Jackson from 5 to 8:30 p.m. More than 30 state and local leaders will make presentations and participate in panel discussions.
  • Guest Column: Opportunity scholars fare better in class
    The doomsday predictions that public schools will be decimated by scholarships simply do not occur.Because such scholarships have been in place in other states since 1990, we now know for sure that Equal Opportunity Scholarships work.
  • Teacher layoffs ahead: Should seniority prevail? Six considerations. – How do seniority-based layoff rules work, and why is seniority a hot issue now?
    Thousands of teachers are being notified this spring that their jobs are in jeopardy – and many of those layoffs may actually occur, given the severe budget crises affecting state and local governments. The result is renewed scrutiny of the seniority rules that govern layoffs in many states. Just in the past month, Florida has done away with such rules, and Georgia is on its way.

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