• Opponents of DC School Voucher Program Can’t Get Facts Straight
    A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education found that 91 percent of DCOSP students graduate high school, compared to only 70 percent of their peers with similar characteristics. (Contrast this with the 56 percent graduation rate at D.C. public schools.)
  • Memphis Health Careers Academy Preps Future Industry Workers
    Graduates of Memphis Health Careers Academy not only receive a high school diploma; they earn a career technology certificate with a focus on allied health, making them well-prepared and immediately eligible for employment in Memphis’ robust health care sector.
  • Can Sal Khan Reform Education In America?
    A one-time hedge fund analyst, Khan has become an unlikely hero in education circles–his innovative methodology turns the classroom dynamic upside down.In Khan’s program, students watch a series of 10-minute video lessons at home.
  • The Education School Master’s Degree Factory
    In a paper just published in the Economics of Education Review, Matthew Chingos and I look at the characteristics of effective 4th through 8th grade teachers in Florida over the period 2002 to 2010.We found that teachers with an M. A. degree were no more effective, on average, than teachers who lacked such a degree.  Further, we found out that it did not make any difference from which public university in Florida a teacher had earned the degree.  None of them had an educational program that correlated with a teacher’s classroom effectiveness.
  • New Education Chief Sworn In; Defends Teacher Evaluation System
    “One of the things I’m excited about with this new teacher evaluation system is we’re going to be able to identify teachers across the state who are at the very top of performance,” said Huffman.“We’re going to be able to go to them, learn from them and also talk to some of them about the possibility of becoming principals, starting charter schools and about spreading their impact.”

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