• Tennessee House Passes Academic Freedom Bill by 70-23 Vote
    The bill only protects topics that are already covered in the curriculum, and it does not protect teachers that introduce entirely new theories that aren’t already part of the course curriculum. But if a theory is already covered in the curriculum, as is the case with evolution, then teachers are protected if they choose to teach the both scientific strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ramsey hopeful House will agree on collective bargaining ban
    Republican Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey said Thursday he thinks GOP senators will succeed in persuading House Republicans to go along with changes in legislation stripping teachers of their collective bargaining rights.
  • Academic Freedom – Are You Smarter Than …
    Those who testified against the bill and who oppose the bill have their own dogma, about which they display a religious-type fervor befitting the most devout religionist among us. And they are adamant that the law makes sure no one can evaluate or think critically about the truth of their dogma. That is their agenda.
  • Cathie Black Out as New York Schools Chancellor
    The chancellor of the nation’s largest school system resigned three months into her job on Thursday, dealing an embarrassing blow to New York City’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg. He and Ms. Black have pleaded with state lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to change seniority rules, to no avail, as he grapples with budget cuts that he says could require laying off more than 4,600 teachers.
  • Educators urge reduced federal role in schools
    “Clearly, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, resulting in frustration among parents and educators and missed opportunities for students,” Mr. Kline said. “If we are going to move forward in education, Washington has to move in a new direction.”
  • Business Success Is Easier – Room for Debate
    People, quite simply, are never a collective whole. The collective is always an agglomeration of individuals, with their own needs, values, and goals. Trying to force all people into a single box, as a result, is a recipe for conflict, ending with either paralysis, domination by one group over all others, or lowest-common-denominator compromises that leave few people fuming but little improvement in the schools.
  • Harwell Signals Support For Collective Bargaining Repeal
    The House may go along with a ban on teachers’ collective bargaining privileges after all. The new language would create a policy manual directing school boards to hold public hearings before finalizing teacher contracts.

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