• David Brooks, Charles Murray, and Market Education
    If Brooks wants “an organization and structure” that induces people to behave responsibly, he need look no further than the free enterprise system. “Using government” to achieve that end has been tried for 150 years, and the results are not impressive.
  • Common Core Quality Debated
    Ed Next managed to find someone to argue for and against the quality of Common Core standards, producing a really excellent and illuminating exchange. I would encourage you to read the entire debate yourself, but here is my takeaway:
  • Two Voucher Expansions Pass Georgia Senate Committee
    The Georgia Senate’s Education Committee approved two bills that would broaden Georgia’s Special Needs Scholarship to more special-needs students, military families, and foster children.
  • ‘Value Added’ Concept Proves Beneficial to Teacher Colleges
    The use of “value added” information appears poised to expand into the nation’s teacher colleges, with more than a dozen states planning to use the technique to analyze how graduates of training programs fare in classrooms. Supporters say the data could help determine which teacher education pathways produce teachers who are at least as good as—or even better than—other novice teachers, spurring other providers to emulate their practices. The two states with the most experience using such data, Louisiana and Tennessee, have shown that it can be a powerful catalyst for change.

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