• Why it matters that compulsory education can mean private schools
    The modern school choice movement was made possible by the 1925 Supreme Court decision, Pierce v. Society of Sisters.  This unanimous decision struck down an Oregon law, which was strongly supported by the Ku Klux Klan, requiring all Oregon children be educated in government-run schools.  The law was part of the KKK’s anti-Catholic campaign and was intended to force Catholic schools to close. The court used the 14th Amendment as the basis for its decision. Writing for the court, Justice McReynolds asserted:
  • No reward: Schools fail students in following fads
    This supposedly “new” stuff simply illustrates the disconnect between research and practice in American education. More directly put, educational methodology is more driven by fad than fact. In effect, the classroom is in many ways a laboratory within which experiments are conducted using children as guinea pigs.
  • New regulation eyes accounts of charter teachers
    The IRS has set Feb. 6, as the deadline to express your opinion on a proposed regulation that puts tens of thousands of charter-school teachers at risk of being pushed out of their states’ retirement systems by forcing them to either quit their jobs or lose money already in their state-retirement accounts. More specifically, the new IRS regulation would be retroactive, meaning charter-school teachers who have made contributions to a state retirement account would be permitted to keep their own money, but the state contributions made on their behalf would be forfeited. For another, it “could effectively prevent many public charter schools from recruiting or retaining veteran public-school teachers, significantly interfering with public charter schools’ ability to achieve their educational goals,” as the alliance puts it.
  • Reboot Federal Role in K–12 Education, Hoover Task Force Says
    Hoover Institution’s Koret Task Force on K-12 Education recommends a new and powerful strategy for fundamental education reform. Specifically, the task force report recommends that the federal government:
  • Entitlements for Teachers
    While the emotions are understandable, I would assert to you that there is only one group of people who are entitled to the education tax money provided by the residents; the students themselves.  In a free society, education is the great equalizer for opportunity.  We choose to tax everyone in order to educate the youth.  We do not choose to tax everyone in order to ensure that the government is sufficiently funded to provide instructions to America’s children.
  • Dust-up builds over remark from teachers union official on families in poverty
    Louisiana chapter of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, a group that lobbies for school choice initiatives like charter schools and vouchers, joined Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday in calling for the resignation of one of the state’s top teachers union officials.
  • Evaluating the Evaluation: Teacher Evaulation in Tennessee
    Although the new evaluation system has its great parts, it also has its challenges. Our members feel that four evaluations per teacher, per year are too taxing on principals. Some teachers also felt that the evaluations were only as strong as the evaluator and that many schools lack strong principal leadership. They fear that the evaluation system will differ from school to school.
  • TSU wants to open an on-campus elementary charter school
    Tennessee State University wants to launch an elementary school on its campus in order to funnel more minority children into math and science careers with the help of college student mentors. TSU was one of 13 groups that filed letters by Wednesday with Metro Nashville Public Schools to indicate their interest in starting new charter schools.
  • TSU among 13 groups to consider opening charter schools in Metro
    Thirteen organizations have signaled they intend to apply this spring to open new charter schools in Metro, a sign of the booming times for publicly financed, privately led charters in Nashville.

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