• The Irony of the President’s STEM Initiatives
    The obvious irony in the president’s plan to tweak teachers’ college programs is that those programs are themselves a key part of the problem. The nation’s state school monopolies typically require most or all of their teachers to either have a degree from a government-approved college of education or to be pursuing such a degree during evenings and weekends. Few of those studying or working in STEM fields are willing to sit through a teachers’ college program—with good reason. Not only are these programs often pointless according to their own graduates, they are not associated with improved student performance.
  • Teachers Unions Staring Into Financial Abyss, Channeling Saul Alinsky
    Fresh on the heels of an exclusive report detailing a 7-day Caribbean cruise that National Education Association staffers are currently enjoying, Education Action Group has learned that dozens of teachers unions around the country are running out of money.
  • Johnson City Board of Education passes resolution opposing part of Haslam’s plan
    Johnson City Board of Education is making its opposition to part of Governor Bill Haslam’s education reform plan be heard loud and clear.
    Last night the Board of Education passed a resolution opposing the section of the plan that would increase the number of students in each classroom.

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