• Memphis City Schools Plans To Remake Teacher Pay
    In the new system Memphis is developing, there will be three levels of pay—Novice, Professional, and Master. What level a teacher is on, and what they’re paid, will be determined—mostly—by their score on the Teaching Effectiveness Measure. The measure includes classroom observations, student test scores, and feedback from parents and students. And it was developed in partnership with the Gates Foundation. And there’s one more thing Memphis City Schools Superintendent Kriner Cash would like to see factor into a teacher’s pay:
  • Haslam: State Committed to Charter Schools
    The leader of a charter school company from out of state asked Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam in Memphis last week if there is anything he and other charter school leaders in the room should know about Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools. The charter school gathering in Memphis was to recruit charter school operators for what comes beyond “waist deep.”
  • Video – Which States Are Most Supportive of Charter School Growth?
    Todd Ziebarth, vice president of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, on which states are most supportive of charter school growth.
  • Jindal Proposes Vouchers, Tenure Changes in Ed Reform Package | Heartlander Magazine
    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) has outlined his long-promised education reform proposals, including implementing a voucher program for most Louisiana children, greatly altering teacher tenure and retention practices, and giving principals authority to hire, evaluate, and fire personnel.
  • Failing 8th Graders Will Not Advance Under TN Bill (Video)
    According to Tennessee Department of Education figures, about 8,000 Tennessee 8th grade students scored below basic level in reading—a benchmark for advancing to the next grade. But the idea of socially promoting over-age students should stop, says to Tennessee State Senator Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown). “There are thousands of students that are simply being pushed through the system and it’s wrong and it’s unfair and its setting them up for failure.”
  • Suburban Schools Reports Conclude No Cost To Get Buildings
    The local discussion about changes to Shelby County’s two public schools systems has shifted this week to efforts by leaders of the county’s six suburban towns and cities to form their own school system or systems. And the first public review of the reports Tuesday, Jan. 17, by the Germantown Mayor and Board of Aldermen indicated the leaders were encouraged by a report that concludes a suburban school district would not have to pay the countywide school system to get buildings within the boundaries of a separate school district they might form. The reports by Southern Educational Strategies LLC of Memphis do not recommend a course of action.
    The fight for true educational justice and equality for kids suffered a setback this week with the release of a much-hyped report purportedly offering a broad overview and ranking of the country’s 42 charter school laws. Only 20 or so of the 41 states (and the District of Columbia) that provide a home to charter schools truly have the components necessary to provide the educational justice that was and is the driving force behind these schools’ creation.
  • Student Success Act: Reforming No Child Left Behind
    The experiment in bureaucratic accountability under No Child Left Behind has not achieved its objectives. The Student Success Act is a good first step in replacing the wrongly directed accountability of No Child Left Behind with transparency about school results to parents and taxpayers.

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