• Celebrating School Choice Week
    Education Notebook: This week, approximately 400 events will take place in all 50 states as part of the second annual National School Choice Week. This month, Governors Bob McDonnell (R–VA), Chris Christie (R–NJ), and Bobby Jindal (R–LA) have all called for expanding school choice in their states.
  • MCS virtual tech class offering 2 key languages
    Starting Feb. 1, about 70 MCS ninth-graders will start the four-year program by taking principles of engineering in a virtual classroom they will access through district-assigned logins. If they earn a B+ or better, they will be admitted to the virtual STEM school, assigned a Samsung Series 7 Slate — priced at $1,047 on Amazon.com — and be headed to a $700,000 physics lab under construction at East High.
  • Seeking freedom to choose a school
    School choice, in the broad sense, involves giving parents and students more power in educational pursuits and more opportunities. “Across the country, another American child drops out of a public school every 26 seconds. That’s a national tragedy,” he said. “We can’t keep looking parents in the eyes and saying, ‘Your child’s failing school will be fixed in five years.’ We need to give them immediate options so that their children don’t become statistics.
  • For America’s children, education outlook grows only dimmer
    Education in America, particularly big-city education, is in crisis. Historians are already describing the decline of public education as a threat to the nation’s economy and military. And when the tragic scale of harm to racial minorities is considered, the education crisis is aptly labeled as the greatest civil rights challenge of the 21st century. The idea is simple: Better schools will result if parents have more control over how tax dollars are spent on education. That means bipartisan, coast-to-coast support for charter schools, vouchers and anything else that introduces competition and innovation into a stultified, failing education system.
  • ‘School Spending Predicted to Climb 50%’
    We’re letting the status quo defenders and reformers speak for themselves, by dredging up their predictions of decades past to see who was a Nostradamus and who a Nostradumb—. To kick off this week-long series, here’s our first blast from the educational past:
  • Celebrating School Choice Week
    What singular cause could bring together the likes of Democratic campaign strategist James Carville, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal (LA), actor Sacha Baron Cohen, and 2,000 families, all under one roof? The answer: school choice — empowering parents with the ability to save their children from failing schools, thereby giving them a shot at a brighter future. Those big names came together to kick off National School Choice Week in New Orleans over the weekend, a celebration that is being echoed in some 400 events across the country in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, with half the nation’s governors declaring “School Choice Week” in their states. Actor, comedian, and education advocate Bill Cosby offered his support for school choice, as well:
  • Arizona-based charter school group draws big crowd in West Nashville
    A standing-room only crowd — primarily young parents with West Nashville zip codes — gathered Wednesday night to learn about an Arizona-based charter network that could locate to their Nashville neighborhood. Representatives of Great Hearts Academies, a charter network that manages 12 publicly financed, privately operated charters in Arizona, delivered a 45-minute presentation Wednesday at the Cohn Adult Learning Center detailing the liberal arts, classical curriculum of schools that apparently have long wait lists in Arizona. Great Hearts schools, which produce an impressive average ACT scores of 27.9, rely on the Socratic Seminar approach to facilitate dialogue and debate.

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