• South Dakota: Second State to Ignore NCLB Requirements
    If we want to see the same kind of progress, productivity growth, and innovation in education that we’ve come to expect in every other field, we have one choice and one choice only: adopt the same freedoms and incentives in education that have driven progress in other fields. Either we allow education to benefit from the free enterprise system or we should get used to disappointment.
  • Florida Moves Ahead in Education Reform
    Since Florida implemented a series of education reforms more than 10 years ago to expand school choice, student scores have increased significantly, and the achievement gap between minority and white students is narrowing.
  • Lessons from Chile: School Choice Gets Results
    The voucher school posts reading and math scores far above the national average. The school spends only about $150 per child per month, but it daily reinforces the truism that all children can learn and should be provided with the opportunity to transcend their poor surroundings. Like the U.S., Chile struggles with centralized bureaucracy in education (with nearly all educational decision-making authority concentrated in the hands of the Ministry of Education in Santiago).
  • Shelby County Schools grading change means fewer tests
    Shelby County’s middle and high school students will have fewer graded assignments, but more time working with teachers starting this fall.
    The new policy, approved at the Shelby County Schools business meeting Thursday, will change the current number of graded assignments in a nine-week period from 18 to 12.

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