• NEA Does Not Represent All Teachers
    In 28 forced-unionism states, educators must join the union and fork over hundreds of dollars in dues each year if they wish to teach. And by the NEA’s own admission, 50 percent of the union’s members consider themselves more conservative than liberal, meaning a great number of teachers are being forced to support liberal causes to which they are philosophically opposed. unding for local school systems gleaned from taxpayers directly finances teacher salaries, a portion of which goes to union dues. To that end, the newly adopted bylaw amendment 3 increases member dues by $10, 60 percent of which will be used “to assist state affiliates in dealing with ballot measures and legislative crises.”
  • Grants to fund books, mascot
    Tennessee Valley Authority in-lieu-of tax funds will be used to provide several items for Sheffield City Schools, including books and a new mascot uniform. The money is provided by the Colbert County Community Development Committee, which has the task of distributing a portion of the TVA in lieu-of-tax money that comes to the county. The money is provided to various organizations to promote economic development, education and recreation, while assisting municipal governments, fire departments and community centers.
  • TN math scores don’t add up to greatness
    Roughly half of Middle Tennessee students didn’t pass state math exams this year, with one-third of Metro Nashville Public Schools students doing so. Wilson, Sumner, Rutherford and Williamson county schools all boasted higher than the state’s 41 percent average passing rate in math. The state released Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program scores for grades 3-8 on Friday, along with an admonition from state officials. Test scores also will count for up to 25 percent of students’ overall grades in the coming school year.
  • Single-gender schools gain popularity
    Boys Prep will open in fall 2012, the city’s first all-boys public charter school. “People assume a school like our own is about conformity or about teaching boys to be a particular way. A school for boys liberates boys to be who they truly are, not who they think they should be or have to be.” Boys Prep, expected to open at the Boys and Girls Club on Thompson Lane, will offer chess, debate, drama, Latin and a college preparatory curriculum. It will open with 110 seventh- and eighth-graders and expand a grade each year, eventually enrolling 600 boys in grades 7-12.
  • Nashville charter to get new building, not renovate
    The Metro Nashville government says it’s cheaper to just build a new KIPP Academy and ditch earlier plans to renovate the 1930s-era building the charter school is using. “We won’t have a final figure on costs until design and construction plans are complete. We are just now starting that process,” said Metro Finance Director Rich Riebeling.
  • School czar flunks civics | standards, education, congress
    The burning question right now is what authority the U.S. Secretary of Education has to release states from NCLB’s requirements. The root issue in this tiff is which branch of the federal government is empowered by the Constitution to write laws – Congress or the executive? Unfortunately, Congress has been complicit in this transfer of power, having for decades ceded the authority to make law to the executive branch.

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