• Fathers Matter: Dads Are Not Optional to Child Well-Being
    Given all of the above, it is not surprising that children raised by married fathers tend to have greater academic achievement and higher levels of educational attainment, and they tend to score higher in math and reading in even the earliest grades.
  • Fathers Matter: Involved Dads Get an A+ for Increasing Academic Achievement
    Fathers who spend more time with their children—going on outings, reading to their children, and showing regular interest in their children’s education—can impact their children’s academic attainment.
  • Creating a School Environment that Welcomes Parents
    When it comes to parental engagement, there are multiple things a principal can do. The principal who demonstrates the spirit of collaborating with parents and takes steps to actively boost such partnerships will be the leader of a school that is headed in the right direction.
  • Using Research to Predict Great Teachers
    Predictive research is not new; it’s how Amazon or iTunes knows what products to recommend to you. But it’s attracting more interest in education circles. Now, Uplift Education is using predictive research to tackle one of the most vexing riddles facing school leaders everywhere: how do you hire a good—even great—teacher when faced with mountains of rèsumès?
  • Metro to consider starting school in July
    Metro Nashville students would start school the last week of July under a 2012-13 calendar proposal that allows three more days of instruction, 10 teacher training days and two weeks built in to catch up low-performing students with the rest of their class. “The main reason we are looking at this calendar … was that parents wanted more instruction time and quality instruction time prior to TCAP testing…”
  • Nashville businesses boost schools
    In one year, Nashville-area businesses have donated $1.3 million in cash and investment time to improving Metro public schools. The business community can serve as a firm hand to push bureaucratic school districts to go through with education reform, one of the report’s authors said.
  • BAEO – Black Alliance for Educational Options
    Time to broaden school choice in Tennessee: If you agree that low-income children should be given more choices in their education, please contact your local state representative to tell him at www.capitol.tn.gov. The future of educational improvement in Tennessee is counting on your input.
  • School board considers 2012-13 academic calendar options, one with a July 25 start
    The Metro Nashville Board of Education is considering four proposed calendars for the 2012-13 school, including two options that are “balanced calendars,” with one that would make July 25 the first day of school. The final day of school would be May 30. The district has established a Facebook page to engage the public.

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