• Sorry About Your Burning Village, But You Released the Dragon
    What did they expect when they ignored the Constitution to begin with, forgetting that it gives Washington just a few, enumerated powers, and that meddling in education (save prohibiting discrimination and controlling the District of Columbia) is not among them? Unfortunately, most people in education policy pick and choose when they’ll invoke the Constitution based on whether or not they like what the Feds are doing or are proposing to do.
  • What Teachers Unions Won’t Tell You About School Layoffs
    The media and education establishment’s hair has been on fire over the thousands of layoffs that are occurring in American public schools. They’ve bought into the union line that school funding is in crisis, when in reality, spending is unsustainable.
  • Governor Haslam Signs Charter School Bill into Law
    The rules for charter schools are changing in Tennessee, which could mean more options for public school parents going forward. Governor Bill Haslam was in Memphis Wednesday signing the new changes into law. Priority will still be given to the city’s poorest children and students currently attending failing schools, but open enrollment allows any public school student to attend a charter school.
  • Haslam Signs Law Lifting Cap On, Opening Enrollment in Charter Schools
    Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam today held a ceremonial signing of his charter schools bill, HB 1989/SB 1523 at Freedom Preparatory Academy in Memphis, legislation lifting the cap on the number of charter schools allowed in the state and opening enrollment to more students.
    The changes will make charter schools an option for more districts that seek to take advantage of this innovative tool and for more parents who seek educational options for their children.

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