• Alliance calls for ‘deeper learning’ to better prepare students
    Mere proficiency in regurgitating facts is not enough, the Alliance for Excellent Education (AEE) said in a policy brief released May 26: To be competitive in today’s complex society, students need to be exposed to “deeper learning” that will allow them to be more prepared for college or a career.According the report, deeper learning prepares students to do the following: Know and master core academic content.
    Think critically and solve complex problems. Work collaboratively.
    Communicate effectively. Be self-directed and able to incorporate feedback.
  • States Wary of Race to the Top Money
    “The Race to the Top program expands the federal role in education by offering pieces of silver in exchange for strings attached to Washington,” he said in a May 25 statement. “The previous two rounds of Race to the Top were not competitive grant programs; they were top-down directives forcing states to adopt programs favored by Washington.”
  • Agassi Forms $500 Million Charter-School Fund With Canyon Capital Realty
    Andre Agassi, the former tennis champion, and Canyon Capital Realty Advisors LLC said they created a real estate fund that will spend $500 million to capitalize on and promote the movement for U.S. charter schools. The Canyon-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund plans to develop more than 75 urban campuses with space for about 40,000 students over three to four years…
  • Are Magnet Schools Perpetuating Segregation?
    According to CNN, Connecticut’s Capital Preparatory Magnet School, which boasts a 100 percent graduation rate, was at risk of being closed if they failed to increase the number of white students in their school.

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