Why Fed Ed Fails, and Proposals to Stop the Madness

The federal government has been an abject education failure, and the only acceptable solution to the problem is for Uncle Sam to leave our kids alone.

California District Mothballs Newly Built $105 Million School

Why does USA Today and the education establishment judge taxpayers’ commitment to public education based on how much is spent?  Analysis after analysis, including one by ABC 10 in San Diego, show there is little correlation between spending and student achievement. But nevertheless, the establishment and much of the media continue to beat the drum for more spending.

Is Teach for America the Answer for Failing Schools?

The approach taken by Teach for America is to train up a corps of teachers from over-achieving college students, who make a two-year commitment to teach in one of the 39 lowest income level school districts throughout the country. These teachers are equipped with the necessary tools to help under-achieving students reach academic success and break the cycle of poverty that is common to these communities. Once the students have completed their training, they are sent out to some of the neediest schools in the country, filling positions that would otherwise be left empty.

Virtual network promotes sharing of learning content across state lines

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York are joining forces to fund an open-source technology network that would give teachers access to a huge repository of learning resources across state lines. Once the network has been created, educators will be able to post content and download lesson plans or other learning resources that fit their classroom needs.

Personalized education working wonders in TX town

SLCs were developed to personalize the students’ education…All the high schools divide the students into 400-member SLCs, or “houses.” Each house has an assistant principal, secretary and counselor. “The houses really facilitate personalization,” Sconzo says. “You’re going to monitor the students daily and have personal relationships with their parents, and to me, that’s fundamental so that the high academic performance can be realized.”

‘Learning Challenge’ Just More Federal Waste in the Making

The newly-unveiled ‘Learning Challenge’ part of President Obama’s Race to the Top plan appears to be little more than an exercise in prolific spending. The federal government will decide what programs and means of administering them merit these taxpayer dollars.

Judge: No trial in Memphis schools merger lawsuit

A federal judge decided Tuesday not to grant a full trial in a Memphis school merger lawsuit, but he did agree to a request by a city attorney to force the state to produce a witness for a deposition in the case.

‘No Child’ law may be left behind

The one-size-fits-all government … mentality tends to fail again and again,” said Rep. Scott DesJarlais, R-Tenn., who sits on the House Education and Workforce Committee, which is charged with reauthorizing the legislation. He argues that a better approach than a national proficiency standard could be to track individual student improvement rates, instead of blocks of students. “We want to judge students’ progress against themselves instead of against the whole system,” DesJarlais said. Others say having national standards raises the bar for students who previously were falling through the cracks.

State to help manage four Memphis high schools

The state will co-manage four [Memphis] failing city schools this year, a change that could lead to large shifts in faculty. High schools with graduation rates below 60 percent graduation now are eligible for the statewide district of failing schools.

Charter school debate overlooks lessons learned

One has to do with the way failing students are treated. In traditional public schools, that’s considered the student’s problem. At successful charters, teachers are expected to find ways to reach them and

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