Achievement Gaps: How Hispanic and White Students in Public Schools Perform in Mathematics and Reading on NAEP

This report provides detailed information on the size of the achievement gaps between Hispanic and White public school students at the national and state levels and describes how those achievement gaps have changed over time.

Hispanic-white achievement gap still wide in education: report

The report released on Thursday by the National Center for Educational Statistics showed that since the 1990s, scores in math and reading for Hispanic students have increased but the gap between Hispanic and white students on the National Assessment of Educational Progress has persisted.

Coming Soon: The Federal Department of Standardized Minds

From that experience, it seems, current advocates learned that national standards must look innocent and come in quietly through the back door. Specific content, however, is almost certainly coming. The thing is, there is actually no correlation between having national standards and performance on exams like the Trends in International Math and Science Study (TIMSS).

More virtual schools will soon become reality

…a new law allows any school district to start its own virtual school…home-schoolers and private school students can enroll full or part time, learning without ever entering a school building. Educators encourage virtual courses because students probably will have the experience in college, and districts could use them to save money.

Editorial: Incentive pay promotes classroom excellence

Knox County teachers who excel in the classroom will earn bonuses beginning next year, a long overdue reward system that encourages improvement for all instructors. Merit pay opponents often point out that performance evaluations are too subjective. The school system’s plan, however, relies on both qualitative and quantitative measures, giving a well-rounded assessment of teacher effectiveness.

Movement growing to spread education reform to teacher training institutions, fixing problems on ‘front end’

Education schools that produce ineffective teachers could face penalties under a U.S. Senate bill introduced this week by a bipartisan – and influential – group of lawmakers. Teachers couldn’t graduate unless they demonstrated that they could boosted student achievement.

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