• State-Based Reform, Not National Standards, Key to Better Education
    It is these types of state-led reforms, rather than national standards, that are needed to increase academic achievement. Instead of taking another step towards centralized education policy via national standards, states must have the flexibility to tailor their education systems to meet their students’ needs.
  • NRC Wants Science Put on Par With Math, Reading
    The National Research Council, in a report released Thursday, recommends that science learning be tested as frequently and taught as rigorously as math and reading to ensure a high status in the nation’s classrooms.
  • Cash, Jones won’t be forced to give depositions in schools case, judge rules
    U.S. Dist. Court Judge Samuel Hardy Mays Jr. today granted a motion from Memphis City Schools that prevents Supt. Kriner Cash and board president Martavius Jones from being deposed by the Memphis City Council legal team.
  • TeachHere sends first graduates into Chattanooga classrooms
    After a rigorous selection process and a year of highly-focused training, 15 residents of Chattanooga’s first TeachHere “cohort” graduated in a ceremony held at Lindsay Street Hall on Monday night.
    Simultaneously, a group of 22 new residents began their year-long effort to learn the ins and outs of classroom management in urban settings. TeachHere, a new program held in partnership with Hamilton County Schools, the Public Education Foundation, The University of Tennessee, and Tennessee Technological University, is designed to give aspiring teachers all the tools and experience they need before stepping into the classroom for the first time.
  • For D.C. students, new hope in revived school voucher program
    MOST OF THE PARENTS who showed up Saturday to find out more about the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program could not care less about the politics or the polemics behind private school vouchers. What matters to them is arranging a decent education for their children. The excitement they brought to the task of choosing a good school for their sons and daughters should give pause to those who sought to deny them this opportunity.
  • First all-boys Metro charter school likely to be approved
    A single-gender male charter school that had its application denied by the Metro Nashville Board of Education in May has now been recommended for approval. Boys Prep, set to open for the 2012-13 school year, would be Metro’s first exclusively single-gender school.
  • Institute for Justice Defends Douglas Co. Colorado School Choice
    Arlington, Va.—Parents who live in Douglas County, Colo., and want to participate in the county’s new school choice program will join with their attorneys from the Institute for Justice—the nation’s leading legal advocates for school choice—at a press conference on Tuesday, June 28, 2011, at 10:30 a.m. to announce their intentions to intervene to defend the school choice program that was challenged last week.  The Institute for Justice has litigated every major school choice case in the nation, including the 2004 Colorado Opportunity Contract Pilot Program.

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