• Seniors to take college credit coursework
    The Cheatham County school system is partnering with Nashville State Community College, the Tennessee Board of Regents and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission to build a new system-wide education program that will provide college coursework and career technical credentialing to every senior in all three high schools, director of schools Tim Webb announced this week.
  • More officers in schools result in drop in crime
    The overall number of crimes on school grounds in Wilson County has dropped. Wilson County chalked up its success to beefing up the school resource officer programs. Wilson and Sumner counties put sheriff’s deputies in nearly every school to deter crime and to handle situations as they crop up.
  • GOP sponsor says he’ll rethink ban on using teacher pay deductions for lobbying
    Sen. Jack Johnson of Franklin tells The Associated Press he and Bowman have talked and he is econsidering the ban on using dues collected through payroll deduction to hire lobbyists and he is willing to revisit the lobbying question next session.
  • State NAACP chief Hazel Dukes’ talk of ‘slave masters’ defames charter schools and minority parents
    The president of the NAACP’s state chapter has provided an appalling insight into the thinking behind the group’s participation in a lawsuit aimed at blocking the expansion of highly successful charter schools. Hazel Dukes says parents who are beating down the doors to have their children admitted to these publicly financed, privately run schools are serving the interests of “slave masters.” Leveling such an accusation at black and Hispanic moms and dads who are seeking better for their children is reprehensible.

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