• Education Savings Account Expansion Will Help Hispanic Students
    HB 2626 expands Arizona’s education savings account program to students in failing schools (along with children in military families and academically gifted students).
  • Louisiana Teachers Cancel Class to Lobby Against Jindal Reforms
    When one-third of all students are below grade level, the last thing public school employees should be doing is using class time to lobby the state legislature to prevent much-needed reforms. But they are joining the education unions who are descending upon Baton Rouge and are in full force to maintain lifetime job security for teachers, a compensation system that fails to reflect teacher performance, and a lack of school choice options for children.
  • Virtual Academy serves area students
    As the traditional look of public education continues to change, new educational options are being offered through less traditional models, such as virtual schools. This option will be available through Bradley County Schools, if the state gives approval, starting next year. However, another online option is already available to all K-8 Tennessee students, through Tennessee Virtual Academy.
  • Teachers can fix a broken profession
    Don’t like what an education reformer has to say? Just call them a teacher basher. Increasingly, that’s what teachers and others are doing, with this recent blog post on CNN – “When did teacher bashing become the new national pastime?” – being the latest in a long list of examples. Most of these articles set out straw men.
  • TED-Ed: Nonprofit Offers Online Lessons
    TED, a nonprofit organization that produces a popular annual conference on ideas, is launching TED-Ed, an online collection of lessons it hopes will bring the best educators to any classroom with an Internet connection.
  • Metro Nashville teachers may start at $40K
    The move will compress the district’s salary schedule and pay teachers with no experience what ones with five years of experience made. It comes with a $6 million price tag. The plan is part of a $722 million preliminary Metro school district operating budget for fiscal 2012-13, a $48 million increase over the current budget.
  • SEO Scholars education program getting results
    The program is expensive — about $5,000 per student each year — but it has begun posting impressive results: SEO students, virtually all low-income, minority kids, post academic skills indistinguishable from those of their suburban peers. Last year, the program sent 100% of its graduates to four-year colleges. Nearly all earn diplomas: 91% last year, vs. about 63% for most college students.
  • Metro high schools may drop ‘comprehensive’ label
    Metro high schools could soon be stripped of the name “comprehensive,” eliminating a 1970s-era label to reflect the district’s new focus on small learning communities based on career academies.
  • MNPS accelerates timeline for hiring new teachers
    Metro Nashville Public Schools is moving its annual process for hiring new teachers sooner in the calendar year, aiming to contract 250 new teachers this March and April instead of waiting until the summer.

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