• Home schooling: Why more black US families are trying it
    The number of inner-city parents choosing to educate their children at home, for educational rather than religious reasons, has been growing for a while, but until recently few black families were thought to be among them, according to NHERI director Dr Brian Ray. “For the African-American community there was a huge amount of pressure against it, because in America, the grandparents of today’s home-schooled children fought for desegregation of schools. They thought, ‘The public schools are going to save us,'” he says. But Dr Ray, who regularly interviews black home-schoolers as part of his research, says attitudes are changing fast – and it’s also a lot easier today for black families to try it than it was 20 years ago, he points out.
  • More school choice can boost Florida’s success with Hispanic students
    Florida schools should be proud of the rising success of Hispanic students. More parental choice will help fuel the momentum.
  • 5 Things Teachers Could Learn from the Marines
    In conversations with active-duty Marines and with former Marines who now work full-time in public schools, some lessons for improving our teaching force became clear. Here are five things the leathernecks can teach us:
  • It’s time to embrace change on teacher evaluations
    Meaningful transformation in public education requires us to have the courage and conviction to subject ourselves to greater scrutiny of our craft. This effort strikes at the core of the most sacred work of teachers and principals — the work of quantifying the effectiveness of classroom instruction. The collective capacity of educators to leverage our talents can
  • March 2012 Heartland Institute School Reform News
    The March issue of School Reform News reports Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has outlined long-promised education reform proposals, including the largest voucher program in the nation, altering teacher tenure and pay, a Parent Trigger, and giving principals authority to hire, evaluate, and fire. Also in this issue: Parents of students at a failing elementary school in the Southern California desert city of Adelanto are the second group to exercise their rights under the state’s Parent Trigger law. Some states have decided to reject No Child Left Behind waivers or delay their applications, citing the expense. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s education reform proposals include tax credit scholarships, ending teacher tenure, and expanding charter schools. A West Virginia schools audit reveals an expensive bureaucracy, need to fix tenure, and potential savings from online education. U.S. House Republicans have released their final No Child Left Behind bills, which eliminate stifling requirements. Reduced regulations help the children of soldiers excel in Department of Defense schools. Children and the economy thrive when legislators encourage strong marriages, explain David Usher and Cynthia Davis.

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