• Rotten Apple of the Week
    AFP recently launched the Red Apple Project (www.RedAppleProject.com) to highlight the areas of tax dollar abuse in the public education system. The Project breaks down education spending district-by-district, giving taxpayers a clear view of where the spending priorities lie – as of now, in bloated administrative staff and salaries and in Taj Mahal buildings.
  • Quality education for every student
    Every discussion we have about education should always begin and end with what is best for the child in the classroom.There is nothing that makes as much difference in a child’s academic progress as the teacher in the classroom.
  • Charter schools gain political steam statewide — and locally
    Set to go before the education subcommittee this week, the legislation would do a number of things: open charters to all students, removing existing law that restricts enrollment to students of low-income families; allow the state’s achievement school district to authorize charter applications; and shift the 13 struggling schools statewide that fall under “Restructuring II” under No Child Left Behind to fall within the special district. The bill would also remove the 90-school cap on the number of charters allowed statewide, even though there are only 41 existing charters to date. In Nashville, the 20-charter cap would also be lifted.
  • Julia Steiny: Great teachers are great learners
    Great teachers are great learners.

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