• Scaled-back collective bargaining bill clears House Committee
    A Republican-backed bill limiting teachers’ collective bargaining rights cleared the full House Education Committee today.
  • Education Spending Has a Simple Solution
    f we are going to cut programs that are proven to have failed to achieve their goals, federal spending on education should be at the top of the list. We the federal taxpayers have spent roughly $2 trillion on these efforts since 1965. It’s reasonable to ask, did we get our money’s worth?
  • Haslam-Ramsey gap widens on teachers’ unions
    He said a “classic” philosophical argument is playing out over “whether labor unions are productive to education or actually a hindrance.”Asked why he thinks Haslam has not joined in, Ramsey said, “that’s because I think he is new on the job. And he hasn’t lived through what I have lived through in my 19 years in the Legislature. That’s not a criticism. That’s a fact. I’ve seen the teachers’ union oppose even the most commonsense reforms because they saw it as a threat.”
  • 150 seek seat on new unified school board
    When candidates for a unified city-county school board go before the County Commission on Wednesday, their combined opening statements will take five hours to deliver.That’s assuming each of them sticks to a two-minute time limit and that the number of applicants doesn’t rise beyond the total of about 150 who had signed up as of Monday afternoon.
  • Are Charter Schools the Education Solution?
    public-education systems in our major cities need to be completely reorganized and reoriented. The needs of the customer – not the wishes of the employees and their union bosses – have to become the focus of our school systems. Most importantly, schools need to restore a high level of expectations for students, and a clearly defined accountability system to achieve those goals.
  • Bill allowing election of school chiefs advances
    Counties would have the option of electing school superintendents rather than having them appointed by school boards under legislation that has won the approval of a key House panel.The bill, HB902, would allow a county commission — by two-thirds majority vote — to set up a referendum on whether school superintendents should be elected or appointed.
  • Haslam’s Take on Collective Bargaining Twists, Turns
    Gov. Bill Haslam sat down Friday morning to talk policy and politics with Capitol Hill reporters from various Tennessee news organizations. Video was verboten, but below is a rush transcript of his give-and-take with journalists regarding hotly debated collective bargaining legislation.
  • Legislative Newsletter
    Let them know that we support the original bill (HB 130/SB 113); that we do not stand behind the watered down version as evident in the amendment (which strips and re-writes HB 130). The list of House members who are waffling on collective bargaining are as follows:Scotty Campbell (District 3)       Dale Ford (6)      Richard Montgomery (12)Harry Brooks (19)      Steve McDaniel (72)      Art Swann (8)Vince Dean (30)      John Forgety (23)      Cameron Sexton (25)      Mark Pody (46)Michael Harrison (9)      Richard Floyd (27)      Charles Sargent (61)      Phillip Johnson (78)Ron Lollar (99)      Curtis Johnson (68)      Jeremy Faison (11)      Ryan Haynes (14)Dennis Roach (35)      Speaker Beth Harwell (56)

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