• Teachers receive ratings in state ‘Report Card’
    Every county in Tennessee has received the final documentation about the educational status of their school teachers during the annual analysis of the “State Report Card.” For more information log onto www.state.tn.us/education/
  • Fear the Win-Win!
    The political obstacle to choice has never been the public at large. It has always been the blob, with its huge piles of cash fleeced indirectly from taxpayers, and (perhaps more important) its phalanx of highly disciplined volunteers and voters. A minority of the voters can control the outcome if they are single-issue voters when the rest of the public takes into account the whole panoply of problems confronting the body politic. And when you threaten to derail a gravy train, it tends to make the passengers into single-issue voters.
  • Take Action: Tell Congress to Support DC School Choice
    Tell Your Representative: Vote Yes on SOAR
  • Education reform divides TN Republicans
    The state Senate is set to take a final vote Thursday on Haslam’s plan to make tenure harder for teachers to earn and keep. The House voted Thursday to take away the union’s seat on a safety commission set up by the state commissioner of education, one of several bills that remove board representation set aside for the TEA.
  • Memphis charter schools struggle with funding shortfall
    For the second year, charter schools are scrambling to cover budget gaps that city school leaders blame on the City Council.
  • The cost of small class size
    Obsession with class size is causing many public schools to look like relics. We spend so much to employ lots of teachers that there isn’t enough left to help these teachers be effective.
  • Randi Weingarten for the Union Defense
    Ms. Weingarten insists that teachers unions are agents of change, not defenders of the status quo. But in the next breath she shoots down suggestions for changes
  • Education Notebook: What D.C. Opportunity Scholarships Mean
    As the U.S. House of Representatives prepares for a vote this week on a bill that would restore and expand the successful D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program

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