• Saving Money Through School Choice
    Providing school choice to children living in the nation’s capital should be a priority for any lawmaker who cares about equality of opportunity, parental empowerment, and increasing education outcomes. The icing on the cake of the DCOSP is that it’s a fiscally responsible plan to accomplish those goals.
  • Tennessee teachers may get mandatory summer raise
    Teachers facing changes to their tenure and bargaining rights next year could get a little something extra to cheer them up: a mandatory pay raise.
  • How to attract more-qualified teachers? Not tenure, but higher pay
    Raising teachers’ salaries, when combined with a more flexible approach to hiring, development, retention and classroom practice, will go a long way toward raising the stature of the profession.
  • A second chance for students
    School choice promotes quality education through competition. Yet it’s the exception, not the norm. Why does it have to be this way? Why should a quality education for students who come from families of modest and low-income means be a matter of chance, the luck of the draw?
  • State-union battles revive school-choice hope
    School choice is good for kids, families and taxpayers. So why isn’t it enacted in every school district in the country? For many years, entrenched politicians have been influenced by teachers unions, who see school choice as a threat to “teachers’ rights.”
  • Return of the One-Room Schoolhouse
    But cutting down bureaucracies and handing over decisions to schools can only be the start. Given the woes of America’s schools and their high costs, returning to the one-room schoolhouse would be better than bloated school bureaucracies.
  • NEA Gave More Than $13 Million to Advocacy Groups
    Here is an alphabetic list of the 130 recipients of NEA’s contributions, with relevant web links. All of these were paid for with members’ dues money

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