• Michelle Rhee’s evolution on school choice
    But there are some inconsistencies in her positions. She opposes vouchers for middle and upper income students, for example, but she’s okay with charter schools serving middle and upper income students. Michelle Rhee is one of our country’s most dynamic and influential educational leaders. As she gradually becomes more comfortable embracing full school choice, many progressive Democrats will follow. And when teacher unions expand their business model to include teachers working outside of school districts – and they will eventually – then our entire political tribe will change positions as rapidly as we did in the mid-1970s.
  • BREAKING NEWS: School Choice Legislation Passes the South Carolina House
    The South Carolina House of Representatives passed a sizeable school choice package yesterday evening by a vote of 65-49. The legislation has three components that would offer parents in the Palmetto State more educational options for their children: a tax-deduction for schooling expenses, a tax-credit scholarship program for low-income families, and a tax-credit scholarship program for students with special needs.
  • The Costs of Public and Private Education
    Compared to public school expenditures, how much money is being spent by some of the most established school choice programs?
  • State outlines school changes
    About 10 parents showed up Wednesday to meet the state officials who will be running Frayser Elementary School in the fall. This winter, parents in Frayser learned that three of their schools would be the first to come under state management: Frayser Elementary, Corning Elementary and Westside Middle.
  • Charter School Appeal Hearing In Jackson April 3
    Now that the State Department of Treasury has issued the first ruling in the appeal for the charter school by Connections Preparatory Academy. Preparations are underway for an appeal April 3 hearing. The State over ruled the (LEA) Jackson-Madison County School Board vote not to approve the application for the proposed charter school because of a severe financial hardship the loss would place on the district.
  • Hoover’s Mission Imponderable?
    No loophole is provided by the exception for cases where “local government, or the people, cannot undertake” the given actions for themselves. There are at least 15 states that are already moving in the direction of private school choice that the task force is suggesting. Clearly states can undertake such actions.

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