• Open charter school bill passes Senate panel
    Bill Haslam’s bill to allow any student to attend a charter school cleared its first hurdle today when it was approved on a largely partisan 7-2 vote.
  • Setting the record straight on collective bargaining
    Our education system is in desperate need of reform, and the collective bargaining legislation voted out of subcommittee today will pave the way for reforms that benefit our teachers, our parents, our taxpayers, and above all, our children. Meaningful education reform should not be left to the whim of one political organization more interested in its own posterity than that of Tennessee’s children.
  • Obama’s Little Evidence Problem
    And such positive results, again in contrast to the President’s statement, are not an aberration for school choice. The highest-calibre research on choice has almost always found clear benefits stemming from it, and has never found negative outcomes.Obviously I can’t read the President’s mind — he might oppose the voucher program but otherwise love big education spending for philosophical reasons, or he might just be appeasing teachers’ unions — but one thing I do know is that a fair examination of the evidence simply cannot support killing DC vouchers while spending lavishly everywhere else.
  • Editorial: Political trap for charters
    MCS has been sending 10 payments a year to charter schools, which educate about 6,300 city school students, or about 6 percent of the district’s enrollment. Because of the city funding shortfall, school officials say, those advance payments have been reduced by $500 per student per month at least until June. MCS will pay up when City Hall pays up. This is, of course, not the best atmosphere in which to foster motivation among teachers and students.
  • Black and Hispanic Leaders Blast President Obama’s Opposition to D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program…
    African American and Hispanic leaders tonight sharply criticized the Obama Administration’s official announcement opposing the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, a highly successful school voucher initiative serving low-income children in the District of Columbia. The following is a statement from Kevin P. Chavous, the chairman of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, and Julio Fuentes, the president of the Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options:

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