• Teacher tenure bill headed to Haslam
    A major overhaul of teacher tenure laws is headed to Gov. Bill Haslam after the Senate today gave final approval to the bill.Senators voted 21-12 and agreed to a minor change made by the House which moves the effective date from June 15 to July 1.
  • SB 1468 HB 1631 Bill Summary
    Under present law, a home school is a school conducted by a parent or a legal guardian for their own children. In the case of special needs courses, such as laboratory sciences, vocational education, or special education, for example, premises approved by the local director of schools may be used. Public school facilities may be used by home school participants with the approval of the local director of schools. This bill removes the provision specifically authorizing the use of premises approved by the local director of schools for special needs courses. This bill specifies that public school facilities may be used by home school participants with the approval of the “principal of the school involved” instead of the “local director of schools.” This bill specifies that such use of public school facilities would be at the expense of the party requesting the use.
    Have the Tennessee House RINOS been bought and paid for? 7 of the 13 GOP House members blocking a bill to restrict the powers of the teachers’ unions received donations from the TEA (the teachers’ union) last year!!
  • Charter school bill advances in TN Senate
    The measure, one of Gov. Bill Haslam’s top priorities, passed the Senate Education Committee on a 7-2 vote and is headed to the Senate Finance Committee. The companion bill was to be heard in the House Education Subcommittee also on Wednesday.
  • Haslam’s Charter School Bill Hits Speed Bump
    House Democrats fought for nearly two hours to block, amend and delay the charter school bill, saying it represented everything from an “unfunded mandate” on local school districts to an avenue for charters schools to “cherry-pick” students.
  • African-American Mother of Asperger’s Student Forced To Call 911 On Abusive Henrico Principal
    Several district officials have not only purposefully violated the African-American male student’s educational plan, but evidence supports that they have directed others to engage in similar behaviors like intimidation and retaliation tactics to be used against parents that advocate on behalf of their students.
  • Unashamedly Pursuing School Reform
    Amid all the debates over whether teachers unions should force school districts into collective bargaining, and arguments over testing and cheating, it is easy to forget what it at stake for our children and for this nation. In many ways, that is what defenders of the status quo want. Getting tangled into the weeds of debate serves the purpose of continuing practices that serve allies who teach in classrooms, run schools, sit on school boards and teach in ed schools.
  • Indiana House Passes Nation’s Largest Voucher Bill
    The Indiana House of Representatives today passed legislation that would become the nation’s broadest voucher program, allowing low- and middle-income families to use taxpayer funds to send their children to the private school of their choice.

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