• House Committee Moves to Streamline Department of Education
    Representative Hunter, Chairman Kline, and conservatives in Congress are trying to reduce the federal footprint that has become far too heavy on local schools. There are more than 80 programs operated under No Child Left Behind—many duplicative, many ineffective. Hunter’s proposal would eliminate 43 wasteful programs and commence the process of streamlining the Department of Education.
  • TN lawmakers face many tasks to wrap up session this week
    The House could vote as early as today on its version of a contentious bill to limit teachers’ collective bargaining, but the measure is still on a collision course with the Senate version, which wants to more thoroughly dismantle union negotiations.If neither side yields, the bill would head to a conference committee to try to hammer out a compromise that would be palatable to both chambers.
  • IL Tea Party Activists Expose Alleged Gift Cards-For-Votes School Scam
    It’s bad enough that teachers’ unions at the local, state and national level have become more preoccupied with politics than they are with students and education.Now it appears they are willing to bend or break laws and regulations to guarantee victory.
  • Education Freedom is Civil Rights Issue of Today
    Public school reality today for black kids is one which overwhelmingly keeps them incarcerated in failing, dangerous schools. It’s evidence of the indomitable human spirit that, despite horrible circumstances, many poor unmarried black mothers understand the importance of getting their child educated and will do whatever it takes to get their kid into a decent school.
  • UT-Chattanooga offers no-obligation program to try on teacher’s hat
    Using $1.8 million in federal Race to the Top money over four years, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is trying to lure math and science majors into teaching careers. The program puts prospective teachers in front of youngsters for three classroom lessons per semester in elementary, middle and high school.
  • Nashville’s charter schools challenged by finding spaces, places
    Davidson County is in the middle of a charter school movement after the emergence of a more receptive state law, and Nashville’s newfound favorable outlook toward the publicly financed, privately operated schools has gained gads of attention. Nonetheless, some charter leaders are finding Nashville to be difficult terrain to secure property for their schools.

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