• Teaching Obama a Lesson on Education
    In reality, the President’s strategy isn’t about empowering teachers and communities. It’s about increasing the federal government’s authority over schools. he only thing changing about our public schools is the amount of money the federal government is using to control them. It’s time for results measured in achievement, not tax dollars. And yes, Mr. President, those results are proven to be driven best at the local level.
  • Haslam guarding against reduction of school days
    Republican Gov. Bill Haslam says he wants to ensure that any changes to Tennessee’s academic calendar won’t reduce the number of days students spend in school.
  • TN House scheduled to take up collective bargaining bill Thursday
    The debate on House Bill 130, which has now officially been substituted and conformed to as Senate Bill 113, has been moved to Thursday’s calendar in the House after the legislation’s House sponsor, Representative Debra Maggart (R-Hendersonville) moved to substitute and conform to the Senate Bill, per the rules of the body (which say that when one body passes legislation in advance of the other, the sponsor in the other body must “substitute and conform” to the legislation that has already been passed in one House of the Legislature-changes can be made by amendment or conference committee).
  • Tennessee May Begin School Year Later – Education News Story
    On Monday night, the state House passed a bill to ensure the school year does not begin before the fourth Monday in August. Lawmakers exempted dozens of counties from the requirement, though.The Senate passed a different version of the bill last week, and the two chambers need to make a compromise.
  • That Was Then, This Is Now
    In audio recordings of House floor debate over the 1978 Act, Naifeh can be heard attempting to add amendments to the bill that were derided by supporters of collective bargaining as delaying tactics or attempts to kill the union-friendly legislation.
  • Bredesen on Watered-Down Achievement Standards
    Former Gov. Phil Bredesen said Tennessee’s lax testing standards had misled students into believing they had mastered subjects, speaking about how he tried to address the problem in a CNN series on America’s schools. The former Democratic governor said he believed a lot of states had watered down achievement standards in response to the rigorous reporting requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act.
  • Rep. Maggart delays vote on teachers union bill
    State Rep. Debra Maggart, R-Hendersonville, put off a vote Monday night on legislation that would reverse the 1978 law that gave teachers the right to form unions, amid differences among Republican lawmakers. Speaking briefly on the House of Representatives floor, Maggart asked to delay debate on her HB 130, which would limit teachers’ ability to negotiate contracts with school districts, until the next open slot on the legislative calendar, or Thursday.
  • Tennessee House amends bill to limit collective bargaining by teachers
    The state House of Representatives Monday night adopted an amendment allowing some limited collective bargaining by teachers, but then deferred a vote on the bill itself until Thursday.If the House follows through and approves its own version of the bill, it sets the House on a collision course with the Senate, which has approved a complete repeal of collective bargaining by public school teachers.
  • State poised to uncap charter schools
    All the pieces are in place for charter schools to become a major part of Nashville’s school system. So it’s a good time to review the basic concept.
  • Technology: The real threat to teachers unions
    Moe says legislative reforms like No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top “are small things by comparison, and they can be blocked.” By contrast, “education technology is a tsunami that is only now beginning to swell.” Unions “can’t stop it, although they will try.”

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