• TN House approves bill that would give students longer summer breaks
    The House passed a bill Monday to require that the school year no longer start before the fourth Monday in August.In 2012, schools could start no earlier than the second week of August, in 2013 no earlier than the third week of August, and in 2014 no earlier than the fourth week of August.
  • Could the Internet spell the end of snow days?
    Could the Internet mean the end of snow days? Some schools think so, and they are experimenting with ways for students to do lessons online during bad weather, potentially allowing classes to go on during even the worst blizzard. But there are obstacles, too. Many families don’t have Internet access with speeds that would support complex classroom-style work, especially in rural areas and impoverished inner cities. Families with multiple children — without multiple computers — could be hard-pressed to keep up.
  • Two-thirds of Hillsboro, Cane Ridge teachers feel schools unsafe
    Nearly two-thirds of polled teachers at two Metro high schools don’t believe their school environments are safe, according to a recently conducted survey by the Tennessee Department of Education. Across the state, 94.3 percent of teachers say they work in a safe environment.

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