• Perpetuating Federal Spending on Education
    So how will the army of educrats, whose jobs depend on billions of dollars of federal handouts, save their jobs? They’ve come up with an audacious plan that pretends to be useful in enabling them to discover what works and what doesn’t, but it is so large and complicated that it would take years and require a huge computer-savvy payroll and billions of taxpayers’ dollars.And incidentally, it would be illegal because it’s based on using executive branch regulations to override federal statutes.
  • State lawmakers pass fireworks bill as session adjourns
    Last-minute fights included a largely partisan donnybrook over a Republican-sponsored bill allowing local school boards to contract with for-profit companies to operate online “virtual” schools.Sen. Andy Berke, D-Chattanooga, warned that K-12 Inc., one of the for-profit companies pushing the bill, was founded and remains partially owned by Michael Milken. Once a high-flying junk bond king, Milken’s 1980s Wall Street shenanigans led him to federal prison.Republicans passed the bill and pooh-poohed concerns raised by Democrats.
  • Christie Alters Schools Math – WSJ.com
    There is debate over how spending on schoolchildren should be calculated. Some argue that creating a top-line figure can give people sticker-shock without helping to explain the added costs of teaching poor or needy populations. Others say it’s important to break down for local taxpayers how much is funded through their property taxes—and how much is picked up in the state budget, which is funded mostly by statewide income and sales taxes.

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