• Tennessee Lawmakers Put Students First
    Tennessee lawmakers put students first on Friday by passing legislation that will improve the education children in the Volunteer State receive. Ending LIFO is a critical and logical next step.
  • Accommodate Don’t Discriminate
    But, really, how can you diagnose learning problems, move kids to the next level or hold teachers accountable if you don’t measure student progress in an objective, standardized way? Advocating for standardized tests doesn’t mean killing creativity in classrooms or supporting a one-size-fits-all approach to instruction. The tests are simply measurement tools.
  • Metro approves 3 charter schools
    Just three of nine groups asking to start charter schools in Metro Nashville Public Schools were approved by the school board Tuesday. Given the nod to open in 2013 were KIPP High School and LEAD Prep Southeast in 2012, which already run charter schools in Metro and asked to expand. Knowledge Academy, a proposed middle school to be located in Hickory Hollow Mall was also recommended
  • Public Schools Increase Fees Charged to Students
    Public schools across the country, struggling with cuts in state funding, rising personnel costs and lower tax revenues, are shifting costs to students and their parents by imposing or boosting fees for everything from enrolling in honors English to riding the bus.
  • School board votes to extend Register’s contract through 2015
    The Metro Nashville Board of Education Tuesday voted 6-0, with one abstention, to extend Register’s contract three more years through 2015.
  • Teachers union asks Haslam to veto bargaining bill
    The Tennessee Education Association’s president is urging Republican Gov. Bill Haslam to veto GOP-backed legislation that strips the 52,000-member teachers’ union of its collective bargaining powers, saying teachers “feel totally demoralized and disrespected.”

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