• United in duty: 7 new members of unified school board sworn in before packed house
    The work begins soon, with an organizational meeting being put together for Monday, where officers will be selected, dates for regular meetings will be determined and other decisions will be made about how the board will operate.
  • NEA Launches Self-Serving Ad Campaign for Obama Jobs Bill
    The National Education Association, the nation’s largest labor union, is rolling out its new $350,000 television ad campaign to generate support for President Obama’s American Jobs Act. Thirty billion of Obama’s $450 billion jobs bill has been designated to supposedly save 285,000 teaching jobs. According to our estimates, the bill would generate $35.4 million in dues revenue for the NEA. In other words, the teachers union is spending $350,000 in hopes of getting over $35 million in “saved” dues payments – a return 100 times greater than the initial investment.
  • Cleveland, Tenn., schools to study start and stop times
    CLEVELAND, Tenn. — The Cleveland school board wants to take a new look at school start and stop times. The board asked Director of Schools Martin Ringstaff to review the alternatives for a report later this year.
  • Tennessee Performance Pay Debate Overshadowed by Evaluation Concerns | Southern Education Desk
    Performance pay. Performance incentives. Alternative pay schedules. Merit pay. Whatever you call it, it comes down to giving teachers and principals more money based on how well they perform. Tennessee doesn’t have a statewide merit pay program.  Districts apply for their own share of the state pot to build individual programs. Race to the Top provided 13.5 million. Another federal grant, the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF), provided another 36 million dollars. In Knox County, one of five systems with a district-wide performance pay program in place this year, a direct TIF grant from the federal government provided another 25 million dollars.
  • Physics fails numbers test at Ridgeway High School
    Last week, the 34 students enrolled in two sections of physics at Ridgeway were told that the class had been dissolved and they would receive no credit for the partial quarter. Ridgeway has Memphis City Schools’ only International Baccalaureate program, which offers a prestigious universally accepted diploma.
  • Much Needed Education Reform: A-PLUS
    The Academic Partnerships Lead Us to Success Act (A-PLUS) allows states to opt out of individual federal education programs in order to craft an education system that suits their students, not a bureaucrat. For decades, the federal government has been increasing funding and implementing programs for schools without any improvement. The cost to states of all these central-government programs is an estimated $141 million a year and over seven million hours of paperwork.

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