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PBS Tavis Smiley reports: “Too Important to Fail.”  Across America, less than 50% of young Black males will graduate from high school.

How many more generations will we sacrifice at the altar of power, politics, self-interest, greed, protectionism, fear…

We are failing too many of our children and it is our fault.  We will never erase poverty.  We will never eliminate all violence.  We cannot give every child an intact home with a loving mother and father.  We CAN give all of our children in Tennessee a safe and quality education…if we want to; if we care enough to get involved; if we can set aside, politics, self-interest, greed, protectionism, fear…

When…what will it take, for us to have the courage to blow open the door of school choice?  How much longer will we segregate our children according to those wealthy enough to attend a safe, quality school and those we allow to wither in unsafe, detrimental schools?

The above video is only the first 20 minutes.  To watch the full 50 minute video click on the blue “full episode” link above.  It is very powerful and worth you time.

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