It’s School Choice Week!


Teachers’ Choice presents portraits of four American educators who’ve selected non-standard paths. Teachers at a charter school, an online school and a parochial school are all featured, as well as a teacher at a traditional district school who declined membership in the local union. Their journeys have only one thing in common — the options less traveled.

Kids aren’t all the same. Neither are Teachers. It’s time they all had choice.

The Association of American Educators is running a nice series, Teacher Choice Spotlight as part of School Choice Week:

“This week is National School Choice Week – a national movement of grassroots organizations calling for more educational options. Here at AAE, we support National School Choice Week because we support educators in all settings and encourage teachers to pursue the school and setting best suited to their needs and interest. As part of National School Choice Week, AAE has profiled teachers throughout the country to showcase their own unique setting and choice.”

As of this posting they have highlighted Virtual School Teacher available to read in full Here and Traditional Public School Educator available to read in full Here.  Be sure to check their blog Here for further postings/updates.

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