What happens to a society that doesn’t value children?  A society where adults are no longer willing to sacrifice or provide for the needs of children.  A society where being a parent is considered not a “real job.”  A society where success is judged by how much you own, not how healthy, well adjusted, or productive your children grow up to be or if you have empowered them to attain their dreams and potentials.  A society where children are seen as “burdens” not as gifts, blessings, and our future. A society that indebts their children, grandchildren and even generations beyond because they are unwilling to “cut back.” 

We don’t know.  But we risk finding out.

We were scolded by someone we admire greatly for calling out parents who don’t take seriously the damage our education system is having on many of our children (and by extension our society as a whole) and parental responsibility to take action in a prior article.  We respectfully disagree.  There should be a whole lot more charges of irresponsibility against parents, politicians, education workers, and frankly, all adults and taxpayers in this country for the abysmal failures of our education system to keep our children safe, graduate them &/or to prepare them to compete in an increasingly technical and competitive workforce.

We believe how we raise and provide for our children is THE most important and noble thing we will do with our lives.  How we raise and prepare the current generation will impact future generations.  When we die our employers will replace us without skipping a beat.  All those possessions we worked so hard to accumulate will be sold off in an estate sale.  That business we built while we ignored our children will be sold off to a competitor.  But, when we die will our children care or just want to know how much of our “stuff” they will get with our passing?  Will we leave them empowered to attain their dreams and the means to prepare the next generation or will they lack the skills &/or knowledge to do so?

With elections coming up this fall we need to demand educational freedom for all of Tennessee’s children from political candidates — freedom for all of Tennessee’s children — not just for those who are politically favored or palatable.  Do not believe what candidates and politicians say they will do.  Do your research and find out what they have actually done to for fight for the education of our children.  If you find a candidate willing to fight for the educational freedom of our children put your money &/or time where your vote is.  The reader should understand the teacher’s unions provide substantial financial and other support to elect politicians who will fight for the interests of teachers.  But who will fight for the interests (needs) of our children?  Will you counter the teacher’s union’s power by providing support to help elect politicians who are passionate about and will commit to fight for our children’s education?

We don’t know.  But it is our hope.

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